How will you grow your business?

If you want to grow your business and improve its performance and profitability, then you must improve the decisions people make and the activities in which they engage. It is this unique approach to business that led Violand Management Associates to develop the Sustained Profitable Growth™ system for working with businesses. Addressing a business problem—whether it’s profitability, growth, employee morale, cash flow, or a variety of other common issues—without addressing the root cause of the issue is like taking pain relief medicine for a cold. It might make you feel better for a while, but in the long run it does not help because it doesn’t address the root cause of the problem.

Reaching sustained profitable growth

The Sustained Profitable Growth system focuses on and explains the intersections of and interactions between the three underlying dynamics that lead to a business’s ability to sustainably grow.

Over-focusing on one or two of the dynamics while ignoring the other creates friction within a company, thereby creating drag and throwing the company out of balance. This can ultimately lead to a company’s growth stalling or declining. You can have the best policies and procedures in the restoration and cleaning industries, but if the right people aren’t performing them or if the owner or managers aren’t holding people accountable for results, they lose their effectiveness, resulting in declined profitability and service levels.

Three areas of focus to grow your business


Developing self-awareness and leadership skills within the leaders of the organization. While this is often overlooked, it is in fact the most critical, for without these skills the long-term performance of the other two dynamics can be seriously compromised and top performers will tend to leave. We focus on understanding the acumen, needs, and expectations of the Executive Team and partner with them to achieve results.


Learning how to develop and work with a highly talented team. It addresses challenges on two levels: effective communication between the business leader and their team and helping managers work effectively together as a cohesive team rather than simply as a group of talented individuals. Violand advisors get to know your managers and help them to achieve superior levels of performance from themselves and the company.

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Building the technical components, processes, and measurable dynamics such as sales, profitability, cash flow, job performance, service quality, and KPIs. Violand works with you to install best practices in all areas of your business and to manage the organizational changes that take place in growing companies while providing you with tracking and reporting systems to measure your progress.

How we help grow your business in each area


Executive Development

Violand takes great strides to understand the acumen, needs, and expectations of the Executive Team and partners with them to achieve their desired results.

Violand’s business consultants are specially trained to work with entrepreneurs and their unique personalities to help them achieve higher levels of leadership, management, and business acumen. We offer customized services to help restoration, plumbing, hvac, and other direct labor service business owners achieve the goals that THEY choose for their business, such as strategic growth, better work-life balance, selling their business, total turnaround, succession planning, and much more.

VMA offers a wide variety of industry-specific management and leadership training customized to your needs.

Scott Tackett facilitates a Master’s level program on fundamental through advanced leadership and management behaviors for owners and key managers in small businesses.

Violand’s premier program offers a two-day management and leadership summit that, over time, can culminate in obtaining a Certificate in Small Business Management from Kent State University and Violand Management Associates.


Personnel Development

Violand advisors get to know your managers and help them to achieve superior levels of performance from themselves and the company.

Our consultants work directly with you and your team, guiding you to implement organizational change. We partner with you as the owner to assess, train, and educate your employees to reach their full potential.

VMA offers a variety of position-specific training customized to your needs.

  • Restoration Project Management
  • Supervisory Training Program
  • Management Development Program
  • Restoration Estimating
  • Sales Accelerator Program
  • Business Planning Retreats

Online training and education for managers, frontline employees, and salespeople. Management and Frontline courses are approved for CECs through IICRC and RIA.


Business Development

Violand works with you to instill best practices in all areas of your business and provide you with tracking and reporting systems to measure how your business is growing.

Filled with hundreds of process documents, built from over 35 years of industry knowledge. These documents are proven industry-specific processes that have been adopted, implemented, and used by our clients.

Culture Forge is a system that helps you and your leadership team to improve in three critical aspects related to recruiting and retention. It allows businesses to diagnose, assess, and learn to improve your company’s proficiency in attracting and retaining talented employees.

Violand utilizes a custom flash report to measure your financial metrics regularly. This allows you to see the progress your business has made during our relationship.

What we do best

Strategic Growth

Choosing the most rewarding markets and services to help you reach and sustain profitable growth.

Turn Around

Re-energize your company to build a culture of high achievement and strong financial performance.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Buy, sell, or merge, we coach you on maximizing your company’s position and making sure you are ready as well.

Succession Planning

Developing the next generation of leadership within your organization to cultivate success.

Ready to build and grow the business of your dreams?

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