Sales Accelerator Program

Winning in the New Era of Selling

Overview of the Sales Accelerator Program

The secret to closing more sales is the ability to communicate value. A salesperson needs clear direction and a plan to consistently close more projects. Top-level salespeople understand the importance of four things: planning, consistency, asking the right questions, and following through.

About the Sales Accelerator Program


Delivering updated content for the modern restoration, plumbing, hvac, and other direct labor service salesperson. We teach best practices and proven strategies for new and experienced sales professionals; fusing traditional sales methods with innovative digital prospecting methods. Your salesperson will learn to develop, implement, execute, measure, and report an effective Sales Plan. Discover how to build relationships and close industry targets such as insurance adjusters, home contractors, healthcare institutions, and educational institutions.


A reconfigured class structure, this program runs for 19 weeks, with each session lasting 90 minutes. Divided into 2 distinct segments, the first is a NEW 3-week training for the attendee’s manager. These sessions will give the sales managers insight into best practices and detailed methods for effective restoration sales force management. For the attendee, the class begins with a 3-week focus on creating a roadmap. This roadmap will be transformed into a functional sales plan throughout the program.


Recently restructured to provide organizations with sales behaviors that unite proven sales strategies with modern technology. The internet is one of the most effective tools a salesperson can utilize to extend their reach and increase their audience. A good salesperson can become great by using the internet to adapt their already successful approach. The result will be measurable actions to help the salesperson build trust and relationships with their target markets.

Your salesperson will learn:

Sales Management
Performance Measurement
Use of Technology
Developing a Sales Plan

Generate Prospects Online
Effective Social Media Use
Personality Types
Value Proposition and Branding

Email Marketing
Digitally Targeted Ads
Effective Presentations
Organizational Integration

  1. Developing Your Sales Plan
  2. SWOT/Differentiators
  3. Marketing Strategy
  4. Social Media
  1. Personality Types
  2. Connecting with Prospects
  3. Virtual Proposals/Emails
  4. Don’t Sell, Create Value
  1. Effective Presentations
  2. Target:Insurance/Real Estate
  3. Target:Plumbing/Contractors
  4. Target:Property Managers
  1. Commercial/Public
  2. Networking
  3. Organization (CRM?)
  4. Teamwork

Enable Salespeople to:

build and execute functional sales plans

use technology to track and report success metrics

understand personality selling

communicate the value of your brand and product

use social media to create sales

create effective presentations

sell more jobs and create new revenue streams

build long-lasting, profitable relationships

Particpant Feedback Survey Answers


Class topics and materials were very helpful



Creating a Sales Plan to grow my business was very helpful



The homework assignments were very helpful


Sales Accelerator Program


Per attendee

14 credit hours – IICRC
24 contact hours – RIA