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Overview of The Violand Institute

The Violand Institute allows you to control your company’s training schedule while receiving the highest level of professional education. It is online leadership, management, and sales training for busy restoration, plumbing, hvac, and other direct labor service companies that aspire to excellence.

About the The Violand Institute


Training and education for managers, frontline employees, and salespeople. Each course is specifically designed to provide an interactive learning experience. Courses cover the professional topics of leadership, accounting and finance, sales and marketing, hiring, management, and business acumen.


Courses are separated into modules, allowing users to manage their time and focus their training. Pre- and post-testing assures learning. Courses are interactive, offer downloadable materials, and were developed by recognized subject and industry experts. Online education for today’s busy professional.


Today’s most effective and profitable restoration, cleaning, and service companies understand it is their people who are their competitive advantage. Companies who engage in professional training for managers, frontline employees, and salespeople outperform and out earn their competitors.

Your employees will learn:

Business Communication
The ability to communicate well is an essential, and what many experts believe to be the most important, skill for business success.

Business Etiquette
How to properly interact with customers, co-workers, and others in person, on the phone, and digitally.

Customer Service
Learn practical, checklist-backed skills needed to deliver outstanding customer service and guidance on dealing with difficult customers.

Personal Management
Assess your current behaviors and make improvements that make the most of the money, time, and energy in your life.

Working Effectively with Others
How to best provide feedback, deal with angry and difficult people, and resolve conflicts within the workplace.

Conducting More-Effective Meetings
Three essentials of effective meetings and how long meetings should last. Ensure your meetings are productive by planning, leading, and following-up on action items.

Developing Your Sales Plan
Proven strategies and tools to create an achievable plan with clear expectations and increase your book of business using a focused approach.

Employee Engagement
Knowledge, tips, and tools provided in this course to create and build engagement. The payoff will be greater job satisfaction for employees and greater success for your business.

Resolving Conflict
Differentiate between behavior- and issue-based conflict and which to resolve first when a conflict involves both. Practice by using a matrix of conflict resolution options to improve your abilities.

Basic Business Numbers
Reports may seem overwhelming; this course simplifies the material even for those lacking accounting experience. Interpret your business’ basic financial reports as they relate to operational performance, and use financial KPIs to measure effectiveness.

Basic Business Strategy
Different categories and types of KPIs and how each can and should be applied in your business. Discover the difference between trends and correlations when evaluating results to measure true business performance.

Gain access to our extensive video library including:

Behavioral Style Selling
Business to Business Sales
Business to Consumer Sales
Effective Sales Planning
Sales Management | Virtual Selling
Voicemail Messages

Foundational Sales Strategies
LINK Networking
List Technique
Frontline & Operations
Sales Management | SMART

Overcoming Objections
Pre-Call Plan
Psychology of Selling
Sales Management | Coaching

Enable Managers to:

Pre- and Post-Testing

To measure increases in understanding and application, learning is demonstrated through pre- and post-testing at the beginning and end of each course.

Three Unique Educational Courses

The Violand Institute offers educational tracks for Managers, Frontline employees, and Salespeople. Each track includes courses on specific skills and behaviors that are crucial for success.

Customized Courses

Each track offers courses deemed by Violand as essential for employees at their level within the organization. A variety of courses offered allows for customized learning.

Downloadable Materials

Courses offer downloadable resource materials to make the implementation of the information learned straightforward and less complicated, providing a quicker return on investment.

Courses Offered in Modules

To accommodate busy schedules, each course is divided into modules that you work through at your own pace. Modules can be stopped and restarted where you left off.

Expert Faculty

Every course is developed by a subject matter expert and built internally from the ground up, providing online learning unrivaled in the restoration, cleaning, and service industries.

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