Executive Summit - June 15-16 + Culture ForgeTM Workshop - June 17

The Violand Executive Summit Experience

The Violand Executive Summit Experience

  • Course Selection

    Choose 2 intensive sessions from 12 course options designed to provide you with tools you can use immediately to improve your business and professional skills.

  • Networking Opportunities

    Seize the opportunity to interact with other top industry professionals. Participate in informal get-togethers to share best practices and interact with other industry owners who play to win.

  • Industry Specific

    Real-world, hard-hitting discussions and lessons about topics specific to management and ownership of restoration and cleaning companies.

  • Extraordinary Atmosphere

    Held at one of the most technologically advanced and prestigious business resource centers in North America.

  • Individual Possibilities

    Potential to spend one-on-one time with leading business development advisors in the restoration and cleaning industries talking specifically about your individual company.

  • Customized Experience

    Choose from a variety of courses so the material covered is specific to your current business needs.

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Don’t miss the return of The Violand Executive Summit

The Courses

Owners and managers of restoration and cleaning companies will be able to expand their abilities relevant to leading their small businesses. During the 2-day program, you can take high-level training courses in 4 categories.


Growing yourself, understanding relationships, high-level courses, change.

Human Resources

Organizational development, team building, creating culture, hiring/developing, performance assessment.

Sales and Marketing

Communicating the value and building awareness of your services to your customers.


The process of providing funds for business activities, making purchases, or investing.

The Diploma

During the 2-day program, each day is devoted to 1 course, so you can take 2 courses each year and graduate in 4 years.
o graduate with a diploma in small business management, you must complete one course from each of the categories plus four electives of your choice. You are welcome to fill your elective options from whichever category, or combination of categories, you choose.



Sales and Marketing

Human Resources


The Restoration Industry’s First

College-Level Executive Training Program

Since 2005, Violand Management Associates has partnered with Kent State University to develop the only accredited, college-level curriculum specifically for leadership and management of small businesses in the restoration and cleaning industries. The Violand Executive Summit is modeled after business retreats used by Fortune 500 companies for developing the leadership characteristics and the skills required for innovative management in the 21st century.
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By attending The Violand Executive Summit, owners and managers of cleaning and restoration companies will be able to expand their abilities relevant to leading their small businesses. These include high-level training in sales and marketing, profitability, leadership training in today’s work climate, hiring top-level employees, increasing and understanding the value of emotional intelligence, and innovative ways to overcome challenges specific to our industries.
Our faculty of instructors from Kent State University, well-respected leaders within the restoration and cleaning industries, and nationally recognized experts from disciplines within business provide you with practical and immediately implementable concepts and skills to ensure a learning experience that will positively impact the bottom line of your business.
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Topic Examples
  • Profitability
  • Leadership Training
  • Hiring Top Talent
  • Industry-Specific Challenges
  • And Many More
Course Examples
  • Effective Organizational Leadership
  • Branding for Powerful Success
  • Negotiating Effectively
  • Performance Management
  • And Many More

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Download the 2022 Course Descriptions

Don’t miss the return of The Violand Executive Summit

A 2022 Violand Executive Summit


Culture Forge Recruiting and Retention System Logo

Culture ForgeTM Workshop Details


June 17,


8:00 AM–
12:00 PM


Max 2/Company


Recruiting and


Timothy E.
Hull, CR
The most pressing challenge facing service companies today and in the near future is workforce recruiting and retention. The new war in business is being fought over employees and the battlefield is intimidating and complex. Having high-performing employees is one of the most powerful sources of real competitive advantage for any business, regardless of size or industry. Improving your company’s proficiency in finding, attracting, hiring, and retaining these “A” players should be a perpetual focus for those who want to experience sustained profitable growth.
With a commitment to keeping our clients and industry on the offensive, Violand Management has developed Culture Forge. Our four-step system is a resource to help companies improve this critical aspect of their organization by focusing on the highest priority areas of need. During this half-day program, participants will dig into the root causes of their recruiting and retention struggles, identify areas for improvement, and create an action plan for winning the war.
Tagline for Culture Forge Recruiting and retention system workshop

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High-performing employees are a competitive advantage for any business.

The Culture Forge System

Career Path

The potential of a long career with adequate opportunities


Assimilating new employees into your company culture

Policies & Procedures

Documentation equals fairness, consistency, training, and quality

Creating Purpose

Employees are looking for meaning in their work

Company Culture

A reflection of the values and style of the business owner

Owner Impact

Significantly impacts recruiting and retention

Succession Planning

Identify the positions and people key to your company’s success


Hire the “right” people, NOT just people

Performance Management

Begins with communicating clear expectations

Professional Development

Commitment to the ongoing success and growth of your business

Trade Promotion

Level of awareness of the industry and local business needs

Compensation & Benefits

Like the ante in poker – it’s just the cost to be in the game

These are the 4 Tools in Each Section

  • Diagnostic Matrix

    Designed to help users determine which of the 13 segments within the system are likely contributors to the problems or symptoms they are experiencing. Based on descriptions provided of consistent problems the company is having in attracting, hiring, and retaining top-level talent, the matrix points the user to the segments that are most likely to be found as root causes of the issues.

  • Assessment

    This initial element for each segment consists of a series of statements describing what should be in place, or what owners and managers should be doing, to attract and retain top talent. Each statement is rated at a status level based on the actual situation at the company. Completing the Assessments for the elements that are regarded as likely weaknesses will help establish priorities for the actions to be taken.

  • Guide

    The Guide is a reference document that provides a detailed explanation of what is required, what should be in place, and the tools to be used. Based on the Assessment ratings, users are referred to the section of the Guide that addresses that topic. Procedures are outlined, and documents and templates are included that support specific processes. In some cases, the user will be referred to other segments within the system for more details.

  • Workbook

    The Workbook is a planning tool with the purpose of providing detailed action steps that must be executed to put in place the processes, procedures, and behaviors defined in the Guide. Similar to the business objectives and tactics that are part of Violand’s business planning process, the templates provided include areas to identify the person responsible, due date, and status of the action. Each section in the Guide has a corresponding section in the Workbook.

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