Management Development Program

Be Prepared to Lead the Field

Overview of Violand’s Management Development Program​

The Management Development training program is designed to develop the skills within each participant for results-driven management and leadership. This program offers each participant practical, real-world concepts that will have a direct influence on their ability to increase efficiencies, effectiveness, and the bottom line.

Why Management Development Training?

Management development, specifically industry-leading management development, goes beyond the softer side of getting everyone to feel good. As responsibilities increase and the workforce extends in diversity and experience, a manager’s role to oversee both people and policy has never been more difficult. Every decision made has a cost. It is reflected in performance, company morale, customer service, and profitability. So what is the cost of making the wrong decision? Everything.

Companies Don’t Develop People, People Develop Companies

There are two major fallacies with modern leadership and management perception:

1. People will grow naturally into their position.

2. Leaders are born, not made.

Proper management is about understanding behaviors and being firm, fair, and consistent in applying them. Violand’s Management Development Program is the industry leader in developing these crucial behaviors. The primary objective of this program is to develop managers who can produce measurable bottom-line results. Each of the 48-week, web-based classes is geared toward equipping the manager to exceed the goals of the organization. Classes are capped at 8 students and are comprised of owners, managers, and family members looking to assume more responsibility. This allows an open and free dialogue to explore the dynamics of any small business.

About the Management Development Program


A curriculum tailored to the challenges of managers in the restoration, plumbing, hvac, and other direct labor service industries. This program teaches each participant practical, real-world concepts that focus on results-driven management to increase efficiencies, effectiveness, and the bottom line.


Each of the 48-week, web-based classes is geared toward equipping participants to meet and exceed the goals of their organization. It is vital to an organization to develop managers who can confidently improve their company’s performance through the people they manage.


Enable your managers to produce measurable bottom-line results that allow them to make better decisions quickly. Managers will make more effective use of their time, become exceptional leaders, and be fully equipped to confidently address the day-to-day challenges of managing employees.

Your manager will learn:

Time Management: Learn how to stay on task and make the most out of your day

Supervisory Skills: Focusing on their rights and responsibilities, including how to translate from worker to supervisor

Leadership Essentials: Establishing good interpersonal work relationships and developing the ability to spark others

Workplace Safety: A manager’s most important responsibility is the safety of the workplace

Managing Positive Discipline: Approach the disciplinary procedure from a positive, not negative, perspective to solve

Workplace Motivation: Learn how to keep yourself and those around you motivated even during the toughest challenges

Effective Communication: Investigate and discuss the concepts of communication necessary for building successful working relationships

Performance Management: Key concepts are explored regarding what causes people to behave the way they do and how to conduct performance evaluations

Resolving Conflict: The differences between destructive and constructive conflict and cooperation with guidelines for resolving issues

Coaching for Success: Coach to inspire, motivate, and unlock an employee’s potential to reach their maximum abilities

Power of Delegation: The components of effective delegation, and the benefits and importance of developing your own strategy

Managing for Accountability: Hold yourself and others accountable while building and maintaining successful business relationships

Team Building: The best teams are more than the sum of their parts. Build a team that will take you to new heights

Advanced Leadership: Work on challenging issues faced by leaders and how to influence others toward transformation leadership

Decision Making: Identify your personal approach to making decisions and ways to improve on those skills to make the right decisions

Building Trust: Understand the business case for trust and the steps necessary to create it 

Creative Thinking: The importance of strategic and creative thinking for the 21st century supervisor

Interviewing Skills: The biggest challenge for businesses today is hiring. Implement proper hiring to secure top talent

Enable Managers to:

produce measurable bottom line results

become exceptional leaders

make correct, informed decisions quicker

develop the ability to build and sustain trust

build confidence in managing employees

learn how to set and communicate expectations

make more effective use of their time

manage for accountability and performance

Particpant Feedback Survey Answers


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Management Development Program


Per attendee

14 credit hours – IICRC
92 contact hours – RIA