October 5, 2020
flying wallendas as a group tightrope walking while doing the pyramid standing on each other
The Great Wallendas
THE GREAT WALLENDAS By Chuck Violand Arguably, the most famous highwire performing family in history has been the Wallendas. Founded by German born Karl Wallenda in the 1920s, members of the family continue to perform feats seven generations later. While best known for their heart-stopping acts on the highwire, the Wallendas are just as well remembered for the tragedies that have befallen them over the years. Working without a safety net has its risks. In many ways a company’s culture holds similarities to the tightrope acts that made the Wallendas famous. Regrettably, it can also resemble the tragedies. Author Simon Sinek writes about the value of safety nets in his book, Start With Why. “Besides its obvious advantage of catching you if you fall, the net also provides a psychological benefit. Knowing it is there gives the trapeze artist the confidence to try something he’s never done before, or to do it again and again. Remove the net and he will only do the safe tricks, the ones he knows he can land. The more he trusts the quality of the net, the more he will take personal risks to make his act better.” Sinek goes on to write, “The