They’re Not Angels, Part III

Ego Management. Enough has been written about the impact that an overactive ego can have on a business that it hardly seems necessary to spend time writing about it here. […]

They’re Not Angels, Part II

Much of the research and subsequent writing that has been done on effective business leadership has focused on large, multi-national companies and executives—those with billions of dollars in annual revenue […]

They’re Not Angels, Part I

Having worked professionally with entrepreneurs for over thirty-five years (and being one myself), I can safely say that they’re an interesting group. Entrepreneurs are frequently smarter than they may come […]


If we’re learning nothing else from this run of the lowest unemployment rate in decades, it should be that the more things change, the more they stay the same. For […]

Volunteer Leadership

If we’re learning nothing else from the current employment market, we’re learning that people no longer have to work. They choose to work. More specifically, they choose to work at places they […]