They’re Not Angels, Part VI

Adaptability. One of the characteristics that stood out for many of the clients in our study was adaptability. They figured out early on that the way they do things in their […]

They’re Not Angels, Part V

Disciplined Execution. While business author Jim Collins may be best known for coining the term “Disciplined Execution,” as it applies to big businesses, it’s my colleague Tim Hull who brings […]

They’re Not Angels, Part IV

Introspective. Admittedly, thoughtful and introspective are not the first words that usually come to mind when describing entrepreneurs. Bull-in-a-China-shop, ready-fire-aim, or my-way-or-the-highway seem much more accurate.   Yet it’s an […]

They’re Not Angels, Part III

Ego Management. Enough has been written about the impact that an overactive ego can have on a business that it hardly seems necessary to spend time writing about it here. […]

They’re Not Angels, Part II

Much of the research and subsequent writing that has been done on effective business leadership has focused on large, multi-national companies and executives—those with billions of dollars in annual revenue […]