Business Planning Retreats

Chart Your Course to Success

A three-day, interactive event where we help you build the roadmap to grow your business over the next five years.

In-Person Retreat
Virtual Program


If you want to change your numbers, you must change your activities. You need a plan. Set a goal and chart your course to success! Every member of your company needs to know what is expected of them and how their success will be measured.


Participants say if they had to write their business plan on their own, they would never set aside the time for this critical task. This program provides the opportunity to step outside the day-to-day demands of your company and build a focused Business Plan customized to your restoration or cleaning business.


You’ll have the security of knowing your company has a business plan in place to handle everything the coming year throws at you. You will also have the confidence that your team is aligned and working toward increased profitability and growth through a shared vision.

The Business Planning Process

Restoration Business Planning Process Outline

WHAT WILL YOU accomplish?

Business Analysis

Complete SWOT analysis and detailed evaluation of your business’ current financial position.

Marketing Plan

Analysis, sales goals, a budget, and strategies for the coming year.

Financial Proforma

Fiscal forecasting, budgeting, analysis, benchmarks, and KPIs.

Strategic Initiatives

Defined short-term and long-term objectives with standards developed to measure their success.

Face-to-Face Consultations

Individual company coaching and guidance from Violand’s seasoned team of advisors.

Networking Forums

Opportunity to engage and collaborate with like-minded industry professionals.

The first two Captiva retreats have SOLD OUT!

We have added a third Captiva retreat, November 16-18.

Virtual Program

Violand’s Virtual Business Planning Program will help restoration and cleaning small business leadership teams assess core company functions, identify strengths and weaknesses, develop a step-by-step strategic plan, and craft a financial proforma to maximize performance and profits in the coming year and beyond.

Pre-Planning Session I

We start with an overview of Violand’s Business Planning process and the activities you will be performing as we move through the program. We will also help you draft impactful mission and vision statements and identify critical core values that you will use to make important decisions moving forward.

Pre-Planning Session II

Next is to conduct comprehensive company assessments on areas of your business including operations, sales, and human resources to discover where attention and improvement is needed. Begin creating functional goals based on the results of your individual assessments.

Pre-Planning Session III

Get ready to grow sales and profits as you begin constructing your sales and marketing plan for the coming year as well as conducting a detailed financial analysis.

Planning Sessions I & II

These sessions guide you in taking what you have learned and creating a comprehensive plan with strategies, tasks, accountability measures, and more. You will also complete a full financial proforma with KPI review, budgeting, benchmarking, and forecasting.

Review Session

Now that the hard work is over, it’s time to verify what you have brought to life to ensure the tactics identified will create the change and direction you desire.

Ready to develop a plan for your business?

Chart your course to success!