September 20, 2021
38-YEAR-OLD ROOKIE MISTAKE Every now and then I’m handed a gift regarding a topic for a Monday Morning Note. This time it arrived in the form of an unfortunate experience with a local contractor; an experience I’m sure many of you have had yourselves. It serves as a powerful lesson for any business that’s been enjoying a long winning streak. My wife and I recently spent a beautiful late-summer weekend removing planks from our deck and paneling from our family room to prepare for a contractor who was expected to start work “bright and early” Monday morning. This project was originally scheduled for October, but a phone call from the contractor on Friday asking if they could start Monday prompted me to say yes. Preparing for their arrival would disrupt our weekend plans, but we were happy to oblige them in anticipation of assuring the project would be done before the snow flies. The contractor didn’t arrive bright and early or even bright and late, nor did we receive a phone call explaining the delay. Eventually I called the company to see how soon I could expect someone. “Sorry” was the response. The employee supposed to perform the work had