July 13, 2020
alpha male lion roaming the savannah looking out for his next kill as he surveys all of his territory
ALPHA TALK 2020 Chuck Violand   It was 2017 when I last addressed the subject of Alpha Talk, so let me explain the term for those who are unfamiliar. Alpha Talk is when someone uses straightforward, candid words to convey a thought or idea. Beta Talk, on the other hand, is when words are used to soften or mollify the message, often confusing the intended meaning. Apparently, I’m not the only one who finds this kind of talk frustrating. In his book The Infinite Game, author Simon Sinek refers to softened expressions as euphemisms. He states, “Euphemisms allow us to disassociate ourselves from the impact of decisions or actions we might otherwise find distasteful or hard to live with.” One example Sinek uses is enhanced interrogation as a softer way of saying torture. As civilized human beings, most of us are uncomfortable with the notion of torturing someone or even being complicit in its use to extract information. Saying we use enhanced interrogation methods is much gentler on the senses. In my never-ending crusade to make sense out of confusing or misleading Beta terms, I’d like to offer simple translations for a few more of them. A couple of my