Violand’s Virtual Executive Summit



With the pandemic still looming but the passion for learning still burning, we made the decision to offer this program in a virtual format. Our priority is ensuring the safety of attendees, sponsors, and staff while providing the highest standard of professional learning.



5 Days of Virtual Industry-leading Content

15 Presentations by Business Leaders

5 Roundtable Networking Sessions

Focused on 5 core business functions


We are excited to present new formats, add an innovative spin on other aspects, and deliver the same high-quality content. By broadening the focus from management to every level of employee in every department, there is something for every member of your team.


The most important feature will not be changing; every session will be led by respected professionals who know our business and your challenges. The presenters are recognized experts in their disciplines who provide you with practical concepts and skills. All sessions deliver a learning experience that will positively impact the bottom line of your business.


One of the most impactful additions to this virtual format will be the networking Roundtables. This format allows attendees to present real-world challenges and reach solutions through the collective experience of the group. These sessions will be organized conversations led by moderators who will drive the conversation and provide detailed input on the challenges. Moderators are explicitly chosen for their success in taking theory to application in today’s business environment. The audience may simply observe but are encouraged to contribute and engage in the discussion.


As a result of current events, the environment for professional conferences has been drastically changed and has lost valuable face-to-face interaction. To compensate for the loss, we have added a completely new element to the event – gamification. Violand has partnered with a premier firm to gamify this year’s event, delivering an equitable form of interaction between attendees. With the objective of building team camaraderie, creating scholastic engagement, and driving friendly competition, we are confident your entire team will be highly engrossed in this year’s event.


With the focus of providing the most value to attendees, the content for this event is distinctly different than previous years. This year’s content has seen a paradigm shift from management to a holistic team approach. We have cultivated innovative sessions focused on developing every position in your growing company from the receptionist to the CEO. This shift is a result of a demand we have seen from our clients and the general market: the need for professional training at every level of the organization.


A heavily reconstructed, virtual format provides value for every level and function within your company. Previously focused on only executive-level training, now an event designed to develop skills for every department. Presented virtually and archived for your team to access anytime for the next 90 days. This offers the chance to review and apply the new concepts.



Each session’s content will be available online to review anytime, anywhere for the next 90 days.
  • Sales Session
  • Leadership Session
  • Human Resources Session
  • Admin/Finance Session
  • Operations Session
Sales and Trust in an Online World10:00 AM
Sales in the virtual world is no different from selling in person, as long as you don’t sell! Selling is not about your wants but rather what your customer needs. This session will focus on problem solving not product pitching. We will review ways to use technology and social media to build trust by being empathetic to your customers’ needs. Discover your new sales purpose. Be a problem finder and then a problem solver. Learn how to focus on your target market and craft messaging that not only resonates with your prospects but compels them to take action. You can either be relevant … or you can be ignored.
Gaining Buy-In to Change Behavior11:45 AM
Change is key in business for remaining relevant and ahead of the curve. Yet, while managers love change, employees often fear or even fight it. An employee’s own behavior change is the most difficult to request and make happen. There's no simple, cookie-cutter method for overcoming employees' natural ambivalence toward a request for them to change their behavior, but in this session, Amy Shannon will identify ways to help you deliver this request while gaining your employees’ buy-in toward the change. In particular, she will share a three-step technique to coach employees to change their own behavior. Amy will also share tips on understanding how to deliver this technique while encouraging their ownership in the requested change of behavior.
Business Numbers in Plain English1:30 PM
Forget about debits, credits, or any other confusing accounting terms. In everyday language, this session explains what you need to know about business numbers so you can make better business decisions, which will lead to more of one thing that every business owner or manager understands—profit! It will also show you how to organize your financial reports so you can interpret the stories that reside within the numbers. This is a must-attend program for anyone in your company who is confused by or turned off by the complexities of business numbers.
Operations Roundtable3:15 PM
Last year was one of the top 5 most expensive CAT seasons on record for insurers. The Insurance Information Institute projects that losses from catastrophes will double every decade. With the increase of insured losses and limited resources of the restoration industry, it is critical for restorers to prepare for a significant amount of work to come from catastrophes in their hometowns. Further, developing the skill to respond to regional travel events could give your company an advantage over your competition. Join operations and strategy consultants Tim Hull and Chris McQueen to discuss the type of preparation you engage in, how quickly you respond to calls for help, and most importantly, how you ensure you are paid for the work you perform during catastrophic events.
Employees are Your Best Marketing Strategy10:00 AM
Most companies invest a meaningful amount of money each year promoting their company brand. Historically, investments have been in print media, radio, and television. In today’s world of social media, companies are investing even more not only to have their company brand represented, but to hold and gain market share. Unfortunately, these investments don’t account for or compensate for the lackluster and oftentimes harmful brands of the company’s employees. In this session, Patty Beard will break down the known and unknown factors around company branding, shedding light on ways to improve the most important branding element: the employee brand.
Administrative Excellence11:45 AM
Receptionist, virtual assistant, executive assistant, office manager, programs administrator. In most companies, these are your go-to people; the ones who get things done. They are the glue that holds the company together, as they interact with all other departments. But what does it take to achieve administrative excellence? How do you set yourself apart and stake your claim as indispensable? Karen Tuersley has been on both sides of the administrative desk—as an assistant and as a manager—making her uniquely qualified to answer these questions. Learn from her years of experience and walk away with plenty of tips to implement immediately, making you even more essential than you are right now.
Lieutenant Commanders1:30 PM
Branch manager, general manager, operations manager, director, vice president of this, assistant of that. These are all titles synonymous with being the second in command of an organization. Today’s business environment is a bounty of mergers, acquisitions, and generational succession. Whether business owners are looking to maximize the market value of their company or set it up for future generations to take over, the demand for top performers in these second-in-command positions is starting to become overwhelming. This session provides business owners, as well as current and perspective candidates of the position, with an insightful look at what it really takes to run someone else’s business. Tim is joined by two of the most successful and respected Lieutenant Commanders in the restoration industry for a candid, panel-style discussion that is certain to invoke some enlightening views on how valuable these leaders are to an organization.
Human Resources Roundtable3:15 PM
Due to the complexities of the twenty-first century workplace, understanding and dealing with the people side of your business is the most critical task that you must currently address. During this roundtable discussion, Scott will be addressing how to maximize your success with and through people by creating an environment of motivation, handling difficult employees through effective counseling and possible discipline, managing conflict in a healthy way, and how to build and maintain mutual trust and respect in your workplace.
Why Salespeople Fail10:00 AM
Nationwide, the turnover rate for sales positions varies between 25-30%. So that means statistically, on average, the entire sales division turns over every four years. For service-based businesses the turnover rate for sales is statistically the highest for any division in the company. The main reasons for this are failure to meet quotas and burnout as the position isn’t what the employee thought it was going to be. In this session VMA’s Director of Sales and Marketing Jeff Jones will discuss the eight biggest reasons sales professionals fail and what they and their company can do to increase their likelihood of success and long-term employment, excelling at a job they passionately love.
Women In Leadership11:45 AM
Leadership is not for the faint of heart. According to Pew Research, in 2018 only 26 women held CEO roles at Fortune 500 companies that year. As women push to reach the top, we are faced with many challenges our male counterparts quite honestly don’t face. Among those challenges is the strength to find your own voice as a leader and to trust your instinct and your leadership skills. In male-dominated industries, these challenges can seem to grow, but we can also push past them by being confident, speaking up, building alliances, and standing in our success
Women In Leadership1:30 PM
Leadership is about more than just the big topics; it’s also about the small, day-to-day challenges. As women, sometimes we find barriers that need to be broken. During this open Q&A time, we will discuss whatever is most challenging in YOUR world. What is a continual frustration in your company? In what area could you use a little wisdom from fellow women in cleaning and restoration? Come armed with questions to discuss with the group – and be ready to get insightful answers and create lasting friendships.
Sales Roundtable3:15 PM
This Roundtable networking session is focused on the people who are the “real heroes” of our companies: the fine folks in Sales and Marketing! When the company is growing, everyone shares in the credit but when the calls stop coming in, it’s the sales department that takes the heat. That’s ok; that’s what we signed up for. When COVID hit, no department in the company was affected more than sales. What was the norm 12 months ago is unthinkable today, but what hasn’t changed is that relationships and trust are still king. This session will discuss proven strategies to build relationships and grow profitable sales today and tomorrow, because your company is counting on you.
Workplace Safety10:00 AM
While the Department of Labor may classify much of what restorers do as “construction,” providing mitigation and remediation services to customers often falls under both emergency and disaster management. As such, companies in the restoration and cleaning industries are more aligned with first responders, just in a different portion of response and recovery. Providing emergency services and subsequent remediation procedures on properties damaged by water, smoke residue, mold, and other contaminants means workers are exposed to numerous known and unknown hazards in properties they have likely never been in before. This session will give a short description of items that companies often miss and aims to nudge critical thinking among business owners, managers, and workers revolving areas of safety in the workplace.
Mergers and Acquisitions11:45 AM
Whether a transition and eventual exit is months or years away, answers are essential with so much at stake. Your life’s work, business legacy, and pending retirement deserve solid answers, so they can allow you to make decisions with confidence. With industry-specific and expert insight, we’ll address the most commonly asked questions, discuss restoration business value and value drivers, how to increase value prior to selling, various transaction deal structures, the best timing of an eventual sale, and more. You’ll receive an overview of the Exit Strategies process, where to begin, and precisely how future efforts may be rewarded. With the current M&A activity in the industry, adding clarity for the road ahead may be timely.
Leading Projects1:30 PM
Projects are a vital part of how work gets accomplished in today's economic environment. Organizing and managing the day-to-day activities of a project can be challenging enough. However, successful project managers must also have the skills necessary to develop a high-performing team and make effective decisions as well as communicate with and influence stakeholders outside the core project team. This program will focus on the skills necessary to effectively lead a project within the structure of a proven project management process.
Administration/Finance Roundtable3:15 PM
This Roundtable networking session centers around the people who are the unsung heroes of our companies: the staff in Administration and Finance. These departments lack the glitz and glamor of Sales/Marketing and seldom experience the immediate gratification that Operations often enjoys. But behind the scenes, Administration and Finance are the workhorses that keep vital information collected, organized, and visible, allowing us to track sales, keep revenue collected, bills paid, and employee files maintained, along with performing a multitude of other vital functions. During this discussion, we’ll take a deep dive into the unique challenges experienced by the staff in Administration and Finance while we share successes and work together to find solutions for issues that may need some help.
Understanding Value10:00 AM
Buying or selling a business is one of the biggest financial decisions you can make. That is why it is important to understand how to measure the worth of a business by using sound valuation techniques. In this session, we will discuss non-compete agreements, constraints on value, and how to project future earnings on your new business. We will go through valuation models and discuss how to determine the right valuation multipliers. We will discuss what makes a business uniquely attractive and how those factors play a role in assessing value. Business brokers will use “rules of thumb” to give a general idea of what a business is worth. This session will provide specific tools to help you make educated buy/sell decisions.
Company Culture and Hiring11:45 AM
As we enter the twenty-first century, practices surrounding the employment process have taken on an entirely new look. This session has been written to provide Executive Summit participants with the information necessary to assist in hiring effectively and legally. The information and tools provided will be able to be referred to daily as hiring occurs. Throughout the session, it will be stressed that the key to building a successful business isn’t just finding good customers, it’s finding and keeping good employees, which then transcends into a great culture of engagement and true ownership.
Technology in Restoration1:30 PM
As a restorer, you may have attempted to implement technology in your business and you may have experienced pushback, resistance, and even failure at times. You invest a small amount of money into technology, but make a huge investment in time, and you cannot afford failures. This session will provide you with a strategy and the knowledge to make better decisions when it comes to finding and implementing new technology to run your restoration business. Learn how to avoid the common pitfalls most restorers make with technology and how to make money with it.
Leadership Roundtable3:15 PM
As the leader of a growing business, you are required to wear a lot of hats and possess a broad skill set that includes the ability to think strategically, surround yourself with the right people, lead effectively, and make sound decisions. But the skill that underlies all the others in the leader’s toolbox is the ability to ask questions. Not just any questions; the right questions. This Roundtable explores what leaders need to be able to ask the right questions, how the right questions change as the owner and the business grow and mature, and how to avoid the trap of not asking any questions at all.



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