Bre Schmitten

January 12, 2022
Fix employee performance through training
How to Fix Employee Performance
3 Reasons & Solutions
How do you fix employee performance? As a business advisor in the restoration industry, the most common frustration I hear from clients is dealing with underperforming employees. Since we know the first step to solid problem resolution is clearly defining the problem, let’s take a look at the three reasons I’ve discovered for poor performing employees. Once the reasons are defined, we’ll be able to consider steps to repair the problem. 3 Reasons for Bad Employees Reason 1: Lack of Hiring, Training, and/or Expectations The first reason we don’t get what we expect from employees can be broken down into three distinct parts, and its origins go all the way back to the quality of your recruiting and hiring process. We need to look at the employee’s qualifications. Put simply, does the employee have the education and experience to perform the job they are currently occupying? A hospital wouldn’t hire an electrician to be the Chief of Neurosurgery, nor would they hire a neurosurgeon to be an electrician. Neither has the background, education, or possibly even the aptitude to do the other’s job. The second part is this: did we provide the proper training to help the employee succeed in