September 6, 2021
DISTANCE RUNNING As hard as it may be to believe, there was a time in my life when this body looked like a chiseled block of granite! Obviously that time is not right now, but in my younger years, I ran distance both in high school and in college. I learned a lot of lessons about life and business running long distances, whether it was on a team or as an individual. One of the first lessons I learned was that I couldn’t blame the outcome of my race on anyone other than myself. I was the only one responsible for always doing my best. If I didn’t perform as well as I should, it was all on me. Even today, I vividly remember being repeatedly taught that lesson by my college track coach … at the top of his lungs as he stood about six inches from my face! I can assure you, he was not practicing social distancing or kumbaya coaching as he gave me my lesson. At one time or another most of us learn the same lesson in business, although hopefully not by having someone shouting at us. Our customers let us know we’re not performing