April 5, 2021
EMPOWERMENT VS. ENTITLEMENT, Part III   Entitlement in new or larger organizations. As a company grows, the employees needed to continue that growth change. No longer can the company rely on workers who are only interested in a paycheck. Needed now are those who are interested in succeeding in their job and advancing their career. But the perils of perpetuating a culture of entitlement don’t disappear as the competency of the employees increases. In fact, the stakes only get higher as an entitled employee’s activities can have an even greater impact on the company. When our business experiences aggressive growth, it’s common to let slip some of the management disciplines that led to that growth. One of those disciplines frequently seen is holding people accountable. Unfortunately, this lack of accountability can unintentionally create a culture of entitlement with some of our workers and discontent with others. It doesn’t take long for this to spiral into us feeling held hostage by the discontented workers, which results in us giving into demands that aren’t driven by performance but by what others in the organization “have” or are perceived to have. It’s not uncommon for business owners to try to justify the entitled