March 22, 2021
EMPOWERMENT VS. ENTITLEMENT, Part II   Entitlement in new or smaller businesses. When businesses are new or smaller in size it’s common for their cultures to revolve around obedience rather than empowerment. After all, many founders started their company because they were driven to control things, including their own destiny and the people around them. I believe this is one of the reasons small businesses are so often populated with family members or with people we know. As a result, there’s usually not a lot of empowerment taking place. Instead, in an effort to control things or to attract and hang onto employees, we sometimes go in the other direction and unintentionally create a culture of entitlement. Fearing we won’t be able to attract and keep qualified workers, owners occasionally go overboard with compensation by offering wages that the company can’t afford to support. We paint ourselves into a corner that almost always results in an emotional conversation that often doesn’t end well. But compensation is only one form of entitlement. It continues with the perception of favoritism toward some people, even if we don’t think we’re playing favorites. We might allow certain employees to play by different rules when