March 8, 2021
EMPOWERMENT VS. ENTITLEMENT, Part I   Most business founders have vivid recollections of the long years of struggle and sacrifice it took to build their company. They remember the financial risks, the time away from family, and the dark uncertainties that surround starting and growing a business. These memories can be a double-edged sword when it comes to dealing with employees. At the onset of a business, we are in control and make all the decisions. Once we have employees, we often resist allowing them to make positive contributions to the company by taking ownership of their jobs. This is understandable, as many of the first people we employ aren’t really equipped to handle these responsibilities. As a result, they often fail in their attempts to do so, reinforcing our belief in our need to control things. There is a learning curve involved in creating a culture of empowerment. This is frequently the result of years of experience—long, often painful, trial-and-error experience—where we engage in a delicate dance between hiring the right people who will facilitate our growth as a business leader and growing enough professionally that we attract the right people to reinforce our growth. On the other hand,