November 2, 2020
The Inner Game of Business, Part II
THE INNER GAME OF BUSINESS, Part II   Business is a game. Play it to win, but not at all costs. When we play sports, we usually play to win. Sometimes to win just a game, sometimes a championship. Other times we play to build a dynasty. Regardless, it’s still just a game we’re playing. It’s the same with business. At their core, businesses are social constructs that assist people in living out their life’s ambitions. Not just the business owner, but all the people who work there. Nobody “needs” to own or work at a business to live their life. It’s a choice we make. Some people choose to participate in the “game” of performing arts, sports, social service, military science, education, or religion. There are an infinite number of games we can play. Regardless of what it is, our choice is intended to help us live a fulfilling life as we strive to achieve our ambitions. The high cost of winning at all costs. What happens when we get so focused on winning that we lose perspective on the things that really matter? Marshall Goldsmith, one of my favorite business authors, thought leaders, and high-level executive coaches, captured