July 19, 2020
group of multicultural hands coming together as one and uniting
LAYING ON OF HANDS By Chuck Violand Throughout my professional career I have been accused of being many things. A religious scholar is not one of them so, thankfully, I have the internet to rely on. According to Wikipedia, the phrase “laying on of hands” is used within most major religions of the world and has been for centuries. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, it’s both a physical and a symbolic gesture used in blessings, baptisms, healing services, and ordinations. But the laying on of hands doesn’t need to include religious ceremonies nor is its practice limited to the world of religion. In the field of medicine several studies have shown the benefits associated with human touch and its impact on a patient’s recovery. In the Southern U.S., the term laying on of hands is sometimes used colloquially to describe families, neighbors, and even complete strangers who help those who are in need after they’ve experienced a personal tragedy or a natural disaster. It’s within this context of healing that I’d like to address the laying on of hands as it applies to the business world, especially in light of our ongoing pandemic. I don’t need to