May 18, 2020
overhead view of a business meeting where the team is discussing and analyzing the latest business numbers
Exposed, Part I
By Chuck Violand In a recent video, I spoke about how the coronavirus pandemic is a balance of opposites: loss vs. renewal; darkness vs. light; threats vs. opportunities. While it’s important for us to pay attention to the threats posed to us and our businesses, I prefer to explore the abundance of opportunities it also presents. And it would be a mistake to focus only on external opportunities and overlook those that are being brought to light within our companies. I‘m not suggesting that we’re out of the woods with COVID-19 by any measure, but I thought this would be a good time to hit the pause button on our hyperactivity, catch our breath a bit, and ask ourselves some questions. What have we learned so far from this pandemic and all the social and financial upheaval it has caused to so many of us and our businesses? Let’s start with business. Have we learned that we weren’t quite as prepared for the disruption to our financial wellbeing as we thought we were? Has it reframed an overconfidence we might have gained as a result of an extended period of growth? Did we learn that when customers suddenly stop buying