March 9, 2020
Cardboard Boxes
By Chuck Violand Shortly after our oldest child’s first Christmas, my wife and I decided to invest in an artificial Christmas tree. We didn’t have much money at the time, but we felt that investing in a good, sturdy tree that would last and save us money in the long run over buying live trees was a good idea. Thirty-five years later, I think we’ve come out on top, and the tree continues to hold its natural looking beauty as we use it each year. Today’s Note is not about that Christmas tree. It’s about the cardboard box it came in. Looking at it today, we would all agree that the box has seen better days. The corners have been torn and are now held together with shipping tape. There are a few cuts in its sides from placing and replacing it on the storage shelf. And we long ago stopped relying on folding the flaps to keep it closed and give it some rigidity. Instead, we now hold it together by wrapping a few bungee straps around it—green and red, of course. While the box continues to serve the purpose of holding the thirty-five-year-old artificial Christmas tree inside, it