January 15, 2020
Internal Work Part 2
Internal Work, Part II By Chuck Violand January 13, 2020 If we expect the strategic plan we write for our business to succeed, we must accept responsibility for the changes that may need to take place within us as the owner and principal author of the plan. Writing our plan is arguably the easiest part of the strategic planning process, although it makes most small business owners a bit uncomfortable. This is where we dream big dreams about the future of our business. It’s in the execution phase—the following through—where most of us get tripped up. The execution phase is where the four fundamental disciplines play such an important role in helping not only our business to grow but us to grow as a business leader. The first discipline is Accountability. This starts with our accountability to the people in our company. Business owners are quick to talk about accountability as it applies to our people doing the jobs they’re being paid to do. But accountability is a two-way street. As business owners we’re accountable to follow through on our plan, especially if we’ve involved others from our organization in writing it. And even more so if our name is