December 30, 2019
Internal Work Part 1
Internal Work, Part I By Chuck Violand December 30, 2019 As part of the Strategies for Success program I’ve done through Jon-Don for years, I walk the class through a thumbnail visioning exercise and ask them to paint a word picture of how they want their businesses to look in five years. In this particular class, there were 40 or 45 attendees representing businesses of all sizes and ages, so I expected their visions to be as unique and varied as the attendees themselves. What I was not expecting was the comment I received from an older attendee sitting in the back of the room. When I asked if anyone wanted to share the vision they had written, he raised his hand and offered to do so. He told the class that a year ago he had been pronounced clinically dead, and the only reason he was with us that day was because the doctors were able to revive him. He went on to explain that he doesn’t typically think out five years anymore. Instead, he’s grateful for and stays focused on today. He further explained that had the doctors not been able to revive him, his widow would have