August 26, 2019
Enlarged Hearts
Enlarged Hearts By Chuck Violand August 26, 2019 Being told by a doctor that you have an enlarged heart is not great news, and the consequences can be severe, despite the symptoms not always being easy to detect. The remedies to address the condition can include surgery, medication, and significant lifestyle changes. There’s a corresponding enlarged hearts condition that affects many small business owners. While no surgery or medication can improve its condition, with constant monitoring and some changes to your management style it can be controlled. Fortunately, the consequences of an enlarged management heart are not fatal to the owner, but they can pose serious health risks to the business if not addressed. Three decades of working with small business owners has shown me that most owners are caring people who want to be liked by others. This caring nature extends to those they hire in their businesses, as many owners want to play a role in improving people’s lives through employment in their company. This is a noble motive, but it can get in the way of a company’s growth. Occasionally, our hiring decisions are based more on improving the candidate’s life than they are on the candidate