As a frequent flyer it is easy for me to arrive at an airport, plug in my headphones, and do my best to disconnect from the mind-numbing busyness going on […]


When you’ve experienced as many birthdays as I have, people probably aren’t surprised that I’ve chosen to write about them. But this Note isn’t about my personal birthdays. Rather, it’s […]

Falling In Love

What is it about small business owners that causes so many of us to fall in love with the people we hire? I don’t mean this in the romantic sense; […]

20th Anniversary Issue, Part II

I Don’t Wanna Grow Up, Part II One of the main reasons small businesses stop growing is because the owner himself stops growing. In the past I have referred to […]

20th Anniversary Issue, Part I

I Don’t Wanna Grow Up, Part 1 At some point in our lives, I would expect all of us have been exposed to the story of Peter Pan, either through […]

Fired Up

If you follow the logic of a business colleague and friend of mine, Mark, the unfavorable connotation so many of us attribute to getting fired is overrated. Mark is the […]

Keeping it Real

Most of us listen to podcasts or read blogs sent to us by people whose opinions we respect. One blog I read is by a New York University professor named […]

$400 Decision

At a recent program, one of my colleagues, Chris McQueen, and I were trying to convey the concept of executive growth by measuring the dollar value of the decisions that […]

Grocery Store Test

I was once asked by a business journal in Phoenix to comment on what I felt was a core competency of a company I had been working with for some time and that the journal […]

They’re Not Angels, Part VIII

Over half a million new businesses are started in North America every month, which equates to six million new businesses a year. That’s a lot of businesses! Naturally, they are […]