Mergers & Acquisitions

February 21, 2021
7 Tips – How To Sell Your Restoration Business
7 Tips for Selling Your Restoration Business Timothy E. Hull, CR How to Prepare for Selling Your Restoration Business Our clients consistently ask “How do I sell my restoration business?” Imagine coming home from work one day to find a real estate broker sitting in your driveway. They get out of the car, approach you, and politely make a cash offer to buy your house at the current market value. You, of course, tell them that your house is not for sale. The realtor persists and asks for a price that you would consider. You add 30% to their original offer and respond with a smile. They agree without objection and let you know they will draw up the paperwork. Feeling shocked and moderately confused, the scenario leaves you with one daunting question: Is this too good to be true? While this fictitious scenario might seem like a pipe dream, it’s not too far from the reality experienced over the past couple of years in the restoration industry. Large national contractors, private equity groups, and venture capital firms have been in a race to acquire as many dots on the map as they can. And they are paying top dollar