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Restoration Project Managers face unique situations in this industry because everything is an emergency, it all needs to be finished yesterday, and nobody wants to pay for it. Restoration Project Managers bear the burden from beginning to end, and while some thrive on adrenaline and others survive on instinct, the good ones succeed through flawless execution.

As the restoration industry continues to mature, the demand for more qualified Restoration Project Managers will increase. These individuals must to be able to close deals, plan efficiently, communicate effectively, delegate accordingly, and fully comprehend the roles and responsibilities for which they are responsible. In keeping pace with the growing needs of their clients and those of the restoration industry, Violand Management Associates (VMA) introduced the Restoration Project Management program—the premier restoration project management training program in the industry.

Designed specifically for Restoration Project Managers, Restoration Estimators, Project Coordinators, and Owner/Operators, this training program focuses on developing the fundamental skills necessary to sell, estimate, and manage a restoration project. VMA started with the principles of project management and tailored them to the unique challenges, issues, and opportunities that present themselves in today’s restoration business. The end result is advanced-level learning meets real work experience. VMA partnered with Kent State University to bring in academic authorities and experts in the restoration industry who take project management from principle to application. Graduates of this program will understand and display a higher standard of performance in restoration project management. This standard is what drives production, symbolizes professionalism, and weeds out the competition.



The Restoration Project Management program is over 50 hours of education packed into 3 weeks. The program opens with 3 webinars and closes with 1 week of intense classroom instruction at Kent State University’s Stark Campus in Canton, Ohio. The program concludes on day 6 with a 200-answer, open book exam. Violand’s Restoration Project Management training is facilitated by a total of 9 different instructors, each bringing a specific expertise to the subject matter they present. The Violand’s Restoration Project Management Faculty can be viewed here.


VMA recognizes the value of a Project Manager’s time away from work and has packed an enormous amount of material into the condensed time frame of this program, resulting in a pace that is fast and intense. Each participant will need to be self-motivated, willing to actively participate in the sessions, and able to apply the principles learned throughout the week after returning to work.


VMA is committed to providing a first-rate learning experience. A serious commitment is expected from participants, who will find their investment of time and money well spent. To insure the integrity of the program, participants will be required to complete an application and meet the minimal requirements for admission.

Investment and Return

The typical Project Manager in a restoration company manages approximately $1-1.5 million in projects annually. VMA estimates that graduates of this program will increase their capacity and profitability by at least 5%, yielding $50,000 to $75,000 in improved performance within the first year alone. The return on investment is huge and immediate, especially given the modest $3,995 per student tuition for the course. In addition, the successful completion of the Restoration Project Management program meets the Project Management Institute’s educational requirements to apply for the Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification and counts as a prerequisite for WLS® certification and the Certified Restorer (CR) certification.


Graduates of VMA’s Restoration Project Management program will receive a Certificate of Restoration Project Management from Kent State University and will be invited to attend The Violand Executive Summit, where they will be recognized along with graduates from VMA’s other educational programs. Restoration Project Management qualifies for 2 CECs through IICRC and 43.25 contact hours through RIA.

Violand’s Restoration Project Management program is facilitated by VMA Business Development Advisor Timothy Hull, CR and aided by multiple experts in the industry who expand on topics and skills related to negotiation, legal issues, large loss management, time management, and more. RPM qualifies for 2 continuing education credits from IICRC, 43.25 contact hours from RIA, is a prerequisite for WLS® certification and the Certified Restorer (CR) certification, and meets the educational requirements to apply for PMP® certification. Download the RPM brochure and registration here or call Jeff Jones at 800.360.3513 for more information.

  • This program is worth the investment of time. It’s worth learning here to be able to implement everything. I would like all of my team to attend this.

    – Adam Webster, Owner, Rocky Mountain Restoration

  • Valuable training on project management organization, time management, and risk analysis that will pay off in increased efficiency and fewer costly mistakes.

    – Brad Knauer, Owner, CleanWorks Restoration

  • All the instructors are amazingly inspiring and empowering. Each represents a specialty but there’s repetition of the same message which is to project manage following a good process will result in success.

    – Jeannette Trujillo, Owner, FloodMaster, Inc.

  • There are many more areas of project management than it appears and people only focus on the easy ones. This course will remind and teach you how to execute in the whole project.

    – Jeremy Chappell, Charter Construction

  • The whole program was truly well thought out and planned. The faculty was amazing and well rounded. This was truly the best (and hardest) class I have done in the restoration industry. This is college level.

    – Jesse Clark, Owner, Sunshine Cleaning and Restoration

  • One of the best programs I have ever attended.

    – Steve Kambourian, Owner, Mohave Cleaning and Restoration, LLC.

  • After completing Violand’s Restoration Project Management program I feel I am prepared to better train and manage my team. As an Operations Manager I better understand my responsibilities as well as what I need from my team.

    – Ethan Harrell, Owner and Operations Manager, Team Terra DKI

  • This program will help create goal focused restoration project managers to maintain direction and creativity for successful projects.

    – Newlee Hester, Carpet Tech

  • I have been a project manager for 14 years. After going through Violand’s Restoration Project Management program it really helped me reorganize my strengths and weaknesses as a project manager and understand how to better myself and my company.

    – Justin Turner, Shambaugh’s Cleaning and Restoration

  • The work breakdown structure information will be a huge benefit in scheduling and following work until completion.

    – John Mayor, Paul Davis Systems

  • With this class comes the opportunity to excel and bring a lot to our customers and owners. The group exercises made for great team building and everyday application practice.

    – Vavi Brinkley, Charter Construction

  • This class has given me the tools that I will be able to use on any job, large or small, and will definitely make my projects more profitable.

    – Jason Wilkinson, Project Manager, On The Spot Cleaning & Restoration

  • I learned and received information that will be very useful to make me a more productive, professional, organized, and disciplined project manager; which in turn will help my company grow and succeed even more.

    – Mark Rasor, Williamson Restoration

  • This is a valuable program for our growing industry and well worth my time.

    – Heath Bigelow, TCM Restoration and Cleaning

  • Violand’s Restoration Project Management Program will help me plan my jobs and keep them on schedule. Extremely beneficial!

    – Adam Simone, General Manager, RestoreCore, Inc.

  • All of the instructors were knowledgeable and the interaction with the class was great. Thank you!

    – Brandon Pollock, Estimator, Advanced Restoration, LLC

  • The information given during Violand’s Restoration Project Management Program will change companies.

    – Randy Green, Operations Manager, Swartz Contracting

  • You guys nailed it!

    – Cannon Peterson, General Manager, NorthStar Cleaning & Restoration

  • If you apply yourself and want to improve, this class is a great tool to do so.

    – Reece Howell, Branch Manager, Lamonyon Cleaning and Restoration

  • The instructors pump you full of so much information, there is no way you can leave and not have gained knowledge.

    – Joe Clavette, Accent DKI

  • Holy info! The program breaks down restoration project management to degrees I never imagined. Great Instructors and great attendees.

    – Eric Doleman, Project Manager, Certi-Dry

  • I was very impressed with the level of knowledge each instructor brought to the class. They were able to answer all my questions related to their area of expertise, often even before I knew I had a question!

    – Steve Meell, Production Manager, SERVPRO of Wheaton/Glen Ellyn

  • I learned a lot of ways to help myself become a better project manager.

    – Mitch Heitman, Mitigation Manager, Perfection Cleaning and Restoration

  • The program was great! It will really make a huge difference to companies who implement the systems.

    – Darrin Preece, President, On The Spot Cleaning & Restoration

  • I learned a tremendous amount of application towards my business and how to implement it.

    – Tammy Stokes, General Manager, Oklahoma Disaster Restoration

  • I can’t help but think of all the lost money and headaches not knowing this information has cost me!!

    – Jeremy Hongslo, Owner, TCM Restoration and Cleaning

  • It was truly refreshing to be in an environment where every presenter showed true passion about their subject and to be able to share their knowledge with us.

    – Rodney Harris, Director of Operations, Rainbow International

  • I highly recommend Violand Managements

    – Rick Gerst, General Manager, RestoreCore, Inc.

  • The skills I learned from this week will continue to develop and last for my entire career. The professionals are top notch. You can’t find this type of training anywhere else.

    – Jon Stapel, Operations Manager, Menold Construction and Restoration

Can’t Miss Event!

Restoration Project Management

Date: April 11-16, 2016

LocationCanton, Ohio


This course is currently offered once each year.



Violand’s Restoration Project Management program is facilitated by Timothy Hull, CR. Tim has over 15 years’ experience developing professional estimates and working with adjustors and is a Violand Business Development Advisor specializing in personnel and business development.

Tammy Stokes, President of Oklahoma Disaster Restoration, talks about the benefits of sending her project manager to Violand’s Restoration Project Management Program and the changes she saw in her restoration project manager.

Jaclyn Carpenter, CEO Ideal Restoration, explains why she sent her project manager to Violand’s Restoration Project Management Training and the positive results she saw in his performance.

Jack Shanks, one of the many trusted presenters at Violand.