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Learn proven restoration sales tactics and implement them in eight restoration-specific market segments.

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Violand’s Sales Force Development program teaches detailed, market-specific sales processes and tools that provide a clear understanding of the target restoration market segments and customer needs. This program focuses on fundamental selling practices learned through decades of experience working with restoration sales professionals and meeting with the types of clients they call on, including agents, adjusters, plumbers, property managers, and more.

The first half of this program is designed to identify and understand these proven restoration sales behaviors. The second half focuses mainly on implementing the behaviors in eight different market segments within the restoration industry. This allows restoration sales professionals and businesses to diversify their leads and client bases</span, so they do not remain overly dependent on any one area of restoration.

Stop Selling
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Start Growing

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A series of 90-minute webinars held weekly for 16 weeks, allowing your salesperson’s time to put into practice the knowledge they’ll gain. Our goal with the attendees is the same as your goal: for them to be able to grow their restoration sales book of business and increase profits for your company and themselves.


Sales professionals with less than three years of experience in the restoration industry. Upon completion of the program, attendees will understand the unique issues associated with selling services with intangible demand and developing referral networks.


A complete set of restoration-specific selling skills, tools, and market segment processes that will result in profitable revenue growth for the restoration contractor and greater earning potential for the sales professional.

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