Leaders are
NOT born

Companies don’t develop people, people develop companies.

Don’t Confuse

Management with Leadership


Violand’s Management Development Program is specifically tailored to the challenges of the restoration and cleaning industries; and is designed to create within each participant the skills associated with results-driven management and leadership. This program offers each participant real-world concepts that will empower them to increase efficiencies, effectiveness, and the bottom line.

Enable your managers to produce measurable bottom line results that allow them to make better decisions quickly. Managers will make more effective use of their time, become exceptional leaders, and be fully equipped to confidently address the day-to-day challenges of managing employees.

Effective Leadership >>
High Performing Teams >>
High Performing Teams >> Operational Excellence
High Performing Teams >> Operational Excellence >> Bottom Line Results

Is the Financial or Time Investment Worth It?

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How We



Foundations of Management

Time Management
Basic Supervisory Skills
Leadership Essentials
Workplace Motivation
Positive Discipline
Workplace Safety


Intermediate Management Skills

Effective Communication
Managing Accountability
Resolving Conflict
Coaching for Success
The Power of Delegation
Performance Management


Advanced Management Skills

Building Trust
Advanced Leadership
Effective Decision Making
Team Building Skills
Creative Thinking
Interviewing Skills

Ready for your managers to lead and develop your company?