Better Estimates =
Faster Payments
higher sales
increased closure rates
improved gross profits


Writing winning restoration estimates goes beyond finding a number or memorizing Xactimate codes


Are More Than a Number


Estimators can get away from the basics of their job, which leads to a decrease in sales, closure rates, profits, and capacity. Restoration Estimators should be able to create estimates that are so clear, concise, and accurate that they can be understood, even by someone who has not seen the damage.  Having a systematic process will help your estimators do just that.

This program provides in-depth solutions and easy-to-use forms that help professional estimators take better actions, make effective decisions, and strengthen performance to boost the bottom line of your business.

Better Estimates >>
Increase Closure Rates >>
Increase Closure Rates >> Expedite Payments
Increase Closure Rates >> Expedite Payments >> Improve Gross Profits

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How We


Increase Sales

Develop complete and accurate scopes

Minimize price objections from customers and claims adjusters

Build trust and rapport with clients and claims adjusters

Increase Closure Rates

Teach estimators how to build trust with customers

Sell restoration jobs through customer education

Prepare to provide timely estimates

Increase Gross Profits

Accurately price restoration jobs

Understand production contingencies

Minimize supplements and negative change orders

Ready for your estimators to be more profitable?