Course to Test Custom Launcher

LIST Technique – Determine Customer Needs

Selling is not telling. Instead of spewing gobs of features and benefits that bore your prospects, the LIST Technique helps you first diagnose what your customers’ issues are beyond price—the […]

Test Course for Certificate Testing

Delivering Outstanding Customer Service

Delivering Outstanding Customer Service, developed by Steve Toburen, reveals that the quality of the services you provide is, in many cases, not as important as how you treat your customers. […]

Business Etiquette

Business etiquette is much more than just being polite. As course developer Timothy E. Hull, CR explains, it includes a wide range of professional behaviors. Practicing appropriate etiquette in business […]

Conducting More-Effective Meetings

Conducting More-Effective Meetings, designed and presented by Tim Kraft, provides strategies and tips for getting the most out of your meetings. Learn to identify when meetings should take place and […]