Follow The Leader

Posted by admin_for_violand com in Uncategorized 10 Feb 2014

Follow The Leader
By: Scott Tackett

Leadership in the restoration and cleaning industry is tough enough when you’re successful; it’s nearly impossible to do when you become distracted or bored. The first thing that goes is work ethic. And trust me, employees notice when it happens. Work ethic is the one common denominator employees use to evaluate a leader’s ability. Expanding on John Maxwell’s quote, “People buy into the leader before they buy into the vision,” people are only going to buy into someone who outworks the rest of the company.

Your people know when you come to work, what you are doing during the day, and when you leave. Your employees feed off your passion. They probably will not tell you when things are good, but they have funny ways of communicating it when things are bad. That estimator who suddenly is missing key line items? That’s the first hint. The sales rep who hasn’t brought in any new clients in 3 months? It’s getting louder. That two week notice you just got from your most valuable project manager? Can you hear me now?

A leader leads by example whether he intends to or not. If your employees were once solid but now are underperforming, they are not the ones who changed. It’s you. You stopped providing the example. Inspire them to want more, dream more, and achieve more. It’s not done at a staff meeting or picnic. It’s done in the half hour before they get to work when you’ve already turned on the lights and made the coffee. It’s done when you work through lunch, closing another deal even though its risky and might not pay off but keeps your techs busy and employed for another week. It’s done every minute of every day. And that’s why it is never… really… done.

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