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Chuck Violand
Principal at Violand Management

People engaged in the restoration and cleaning industries know a thing or two about residues. They deal with them every day. They know that soot residue on a fire loss is the result of a combustible material that has burnt. Cleaners know that a soapy residue on a cleaned surface is the result of an action that took place ahead of it. This is no different in any other area of our businesses. Think about it. The people who work with you are the results, not the drivers, of your company culture. People who are comfortable with the culture stay; those who aren’t leave. If you build a culture conducive for “A” players, you get “A” players. 

Another example of residue from your business is your numbers. Business owners love numbers. We can see them, brag about them, use them to pump our ego, blame others, or motivate us when things go wrong. They are excitingly tangible. In a world of services, tangible is everything. We use them to make decisions. See if this sounds familiar; business is bad, I am not investing in training. Business is good, I need a new building. The issue is this assumes the numbers are leaders. They are not. Your numbers are the direct residue of the decisions you made and the actions you took well in advance. 

My advice to you is pay attention to the decisions and discussions you have. Track how they directly affect your numbers, and you will be better off with the actions you chose to take and the resulting changes. Believe it or not, change is also a residue. It’s the residue of thinking. If you change the numbers simply to change the numbers, they have a term for it. It’s called cooking the books. If you want to change the numbers to ensure long-term sustained profitable growth, change the activities. Track them. Hold everyone accountable. Only then might the final residue of your career provide you the tangible you have been seeking all along.

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