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How to Win the Big One!

Stop telling people to “do better.” Give them data, facts, and information. They will make better decisions if given timely and accurate information. If they don’t get the information from you, where do you they think they will get the information from?

I believe that those of us who have a good grasp on self-management often struggle when managing (restoration business coaching) others because we quickly get annoyed when employees don’t perform to the level we would have accomplished. We knew how to do it right the first time. So should they. It’s probably because they are dumb or lazy. Or they may not have received the training or lack the reasoning skills to take the same amount of ownership in their role that we have in ours. The problem lies in that we are all individuals, and individuals need timely and accurate information to make informed decisions. They need proper coaching.

Sometimes Players Don’t Make Coaches

Some people are excellent at their craft but struggle to elevate others because what came easy to them doesn’t for someone else. Some people are naturally artistic; I can barely draw a tree. Some can sing while others struggle to find the right note. Look at major sports stars for example. What do Magic Johnson, Ted Williams, Bart Starr, and Isiah Thomas all have in common? They’re great players who failed as coaches. Why? They knew how to “do better” because they made a career out of it. They thought they could just pass on their natural talent instead of helping others develop theirs. In reality, they couldn’t show others how to do what they did and then let ego and annoyance hold everyone back, including themselves.

Restoration Business Coaching Can Help

If you consider yourself a Babe Ruth in performance, understand what it takes to be a Nick Saban in leadership. Information is power, not just for you but for them as well. Hire those who want to win, and give them both the goals and the key performance indicators to get there. Don’t tell your estimator that he or she needs to make more money on water losses. Show them how, track their results, and give them feedback. Don’t tell your operations manager to reduce turnover. Find out why people are leaving, meet with him or her, make changes, and show the numbers to them as often as possible. Just like when you were raising your kids, they will learn the right way from you or they will learn something else on their own. Your call, boss.

1/3/14  Scott Tackett

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