Offense or Defense? Pick One

Posted by admin_for_violand com in Our Blog, Uncategorized 18 Dec 2013

When an entrepreneur first starts a business, as many of you know, he or she must perform every crucial responsibility in the company. As the business grows and people are hired, the owner can easily hand over some of the less vital roles but often maintains the lead in performing both sales and operations. While the owner may carry this responsibility because they feel they are the only one who can handle it, what they are really doing is stalling their company and themselves. As a Business Development Advisor at Violand Management, I can tell you first hand from working with so many small business restoration and cleaning companies, very few people have the personality and skill set to exceed in both sales and operations. Steve Wozniak is a genius at designing new computer systems. He needed Steve Jobs to sell them. Pierre Omidyar built a code for an online action website he wanted to call Auction Web. He needed Jeffrey Skoll to turn that into EBay.

Just as your business cannot be all things to all people, you cannot be all things to your business. Here is some free advice: if you are overseeing and performing both the sales and operations, pick the one you are best at and enjoy the most. Then hire someone better than you to handle the other. Both sides of your business will see growth and you will be much happier at work. And don’t get me started on operations people trying to run human resources….

Tim Hull, CR

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