August 24, 2020
bulldog flying through the sky dressed in a superhero costume resembling superman with a blue cape
Flying Dogs, Part II
FLYING DOGS, Part II Chuck Violand It’s not uncommon for the first hire a business owner makes to be the trusted office manager/bookkeeper. Or at least it should be. This is one dog only a handful of pilots can do without. Yet many owners resist bringing this person on board, and despite all their pleading to the contrary it’s usually not because they can’t afford them. In fact, most businesses can’t afford not to hire them. While many of us won’t say it out loud, one of the strongest underlying reasons we delay this hiring is because of trust. Or more accurately, a lack of trust. This is an issue that goes deep with business owners and could fill the pages of several Notes. Some owners dupe themselves into thinking that if they manage the books themselves, they’ll suddenly discover a level of personal organization and detail that has eluded them until now (which is highly unlikely). My experience has shown that when tracking a company’s financial performance over time, you can almost see the date when the owner finally hired the right person to manage the office and the books. The company’s performance almost always visibly improves. Most important