December 17, 2019
Kens Advice
Ken’s Advice By Chuck Violand December 16, 2019 A short while ago, I was listening to the podcast of an interview Tim Ferriss did with Ken Burns, a highly acclaimed American documentary filmmaker. In the interview, Ken talked about the three things he uses to keep himself centered and to help him through difficult times. Naturally, I immediately thought about business owners; how we struggle through difficult times but how we just as frequently enjoy successful times. While Burns’ three things are easy to say, they can be extremely hard to follow, especially when life gets tough. But they’re worth working on. All things are transitory. In other words, “this too shall pass.” When things aren’t going well in our business, it’s easy to think they never will. On the flip side, it’s also easy to get lulled into thinking that when things are going well, they’ll continue. If you’ve ever lost a key employee or a long-term customer, you know it can seem like your world is collapsing in on you. Or, if your company experiences a significant financial setback because of a lawsuit or financial downturn, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. While these situations can be traumatic, it’s