September 23, 2019
Island Vacations
Island Vacations By Chuck Violand September 23, 2019 After being invited to attend a business conference in Australia awhile back, my wife and I took the opportunity to extend our stay and spend a little time exploring. We spent extra time on Hamilton Island, a stunning volcanic island in the Whitsunday Islands chain. As frequently happens when I have the chance to unplug and relax, I was able to get some thinking and writing done while there. It didn’t take long for the majestic beauty of the island and the new and unfamiliar surroundings to find me making comparisons between an island holiday and the lifecycle of a business. There is always an education to be had. The excitement of learning to drive on the side of the road opposite to what I am most familiar with was my first lesson. It took more than one alarmed shriek from my wife to remind me we were no longer in Ohio but, instead, in Oz. Learning the rules of the road in business can also be an exciting experience. There are payrolls to meet and taxes to be paid. We are educated quite quickly that not all customers forgive our mistakes,