September 10, 2019
Competing Too Much
Competing Too Much By Chuck Violand September 9, 2019 If you’re like most business owners you’re probably hardwired to be competitive and to want to be right. Many of us have been socialized this way most of our lives, starting from when we were kids. We competed in sports where we always wanted to be on the winning team and in school where we worked hard to get good grades. In art we wanted our pictures to be the most admired, and in music we wanted to stand out in the crowd. Many of us competed for social status by wanting to be included in the popular group or to win the attention of the prettiest or handsomest person in the class. We build on our competitive nature throughout adulthood, as we become parents, or when we find ourselves accepting leadership roles within different organizations. It’s only natural that our drive to compete and win would extend to our own business. Competing can be a good thing, as it’s our competitive nature that drives us to want to succeed or excel. It’s this drive that helps us to suffer through the personal rejection and business setbacks that are part of