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The Violand Institute – Time For Your Greatest Asset

Online, on-demand education for restoration and cleaning professionals that allows you to learn at your pace, at home or in the office, covering crucial skills and behaviors for today and tomorrow.

  • Three Unique Educational Tracks – The Violand Institute offers courses for three levels of education, allowing you to focus on specific areas. Those three tracks are designed for Executives, Managers, and Frontline employees. Each covers specific skills and behaviors crucial to excellent performance at the level they are designed for.
  • Courses Done by Modules – Busy schedules make it difficult to carve out hours to sit at a computer. Each course is broken into modules allowing participants to work through them in approximately 15-25 minute segments. They can also be stopped at any time and picked up where you left off giving you total control over your training schedule.
  • Pre- and Post-Testing – It is important that participants can demonstrate learning. Each course offers pre- and post-testing to measure an increase in understanding and application. Participants cannot move to the next module without successfully completing the prior module. Modules are written in a way that participants must engage in the learning process and cannot skip through them.
  • Downloadable Materials – Courses offer downloadable spreadsheets, white papers, and other information that can be utilized after the learning is done. This makes implementation of the processes and behaviors in the class straightforward and less complicated.
  • Expert Faculty – Every Violand Institute course is designed and facilitated by a subject matter expert. These are not cookie-cutter classes bought and repackaged. They are designed from the ground up with your learning needs and expectations in mind, using some of the most respected experts in the industry. While it may make the process to produce a course more complicated and expensive, the end result is an educational track unrivaled in restoration and cleaning online learning.

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