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Education involves pushing the boundaries of today so that tomorrow is limitless. The Violand Institute is your time, on your terms, to accomplish your dreams. Delivered online, any time, so you keep moving forward.

Elevating Leaders

There is a difference between being a leader and being someone who leads. Leadership is more than a title. Leading people involves providing a vision, communicating, and having the discipline to see it through. A business will only grow at the same level of performance as the executive. As your company grows, your role changes. You must be willing to do what it takes to get to the next level before your company will follow.

Developing Managers

All of the systems and procedures in the world will fail without a highly educated and developed team of managers working toward the company’s shared vision. Managers must embrace best practices in team building, accountability, and understanding how their decisions and actions directly affect the financial bottom line of the company. Managers need to participate in education to increase their value and their performance.

Training Employees

Nobody interacts with your customers more than your frontline employees. They are invited into people’s homes and businesses, often at times when people are most vulnerable. Customers will eventually forget exactly what your company did, but they will always remember how your employees treated them. Learn to exceed their expectations. Mastering professional practices is more important than ever.

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We know that people are our biggest asset and sometimes our biggest headache. As a leader, I refuse to allow myself to jeopardize the success of our greatest asset – people. As a leader, I refuse to allow people to jeopardize the success of our team. As a leader, I refuse to allow the team to jeopardize the success of our company. So as a leader, I eagerly invest in professional training, because as a leader I am responsible to mentor and train our people for success, the team’s success and ultimately the company’s success.

– Debra Watkins, President, Alert Disaster Restoration, DKI

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