Resistance to Change

Posted by admin_for_violand com in Our Blog 18 Dec 2013

While coaching professionals in restoration and cleaning for Violand Management, I find more and more that our industry must begin to understand why there is so much resistance to change. In many cases, change involves a fundamental alteration of the methods and procedures that have become familiar and comfortable. When managing others through change, it’s not the change that causes the problems. The emotions we face between the time we learn that change is coming and the actual implementation of it are what cause issues in the workplace. It’s like being on a trapeze and having to let go to be caught by your aerial partner. It’s the letting go without something to hang on to that causes the fear. People struggle between holding on to the familiar and the decision to let go and grasping ahold of the new and unchartered. The hardest part is the time you spend in the air after letting go of the old and waiting to grab the new.

What are different ways you might communicate a change initiative that will enable your team to let go of the trapeze?

Holly Bognar, PhD