The Four Most Important Words in Management

Posted by admin_for_violand com in Our Blog, Uncategorized 18 Dec 2013

“What Do You Think?”

As a business advisor at Violand Management, I coach restoration and cleaning business owners.  I see this every day.  Most small business owners struggle with removing themselves from the day to day operations of their business. Whether it is intentional or not, they fail to hold their staff accountable for making their own decisions because they enable their employees to stay dependent on the owner and not think for themselves. This causes owners to be consistently interrupted by their employees who bombard them with their problems but lack solutions.  They don’t realize that, to avoid this and release the dependency of the company on themselves, they need to train their staff to make decisions on their own which would free up the owner’s time to handle their own responsibilities instead of the responsibilities of those to which they pay salaries. The most common question I get is: “How do I empower others in my company to make decisions?”

I tell them to master the art of asking “What do you think?” Depending on the employee’s answer, the owner can still influence their decision, but it forces the employee to start thinking and acting for themselves as well as become accountable for putting his/her maximum effort into making sure the decision was the right one.

What are some other ways you have found that help your employees think for themselves?

Tim Hull, CR