Do Employees Understand Expectations?

Posted by admin_for_violand com in Our Blog 18 Dec 2013

Do Employees Understand Your Expectations? Do You Know Theirs?

As a Business Development Advisor at Violand Management, I have clients tell me all the time how they have to stay overly hands on with their employees because, if they don’t, nothing gets done correctly or sometimes not done at all. It’s a common issue owners and managers both handle regularly. Many times, after I ask a few questions, I find the fault doesn’t always fall at the feet of the employees. Before you have a conversation with an employee about something they didn’t do, or didn’t do correctly, be sure they can’t legitimately say to you: “You never told me I was supposed to do that” or “You didn’t tell me I was responsible for that.” Too many times we expect others to know what we know and get frustrated when they don’t. FYI, it can be just as frustrating to them. Please take the time to communicate to them what your expectations are so you can hold them accountable for these expectations. Everyone will be glad you did.

What are some of the most effective ways you have found to communicate your expectations to employees? Are there any positive ways employees have let you know their expectations of you? It goes both ways you know….

Tom Cline